Drinking Water & Frozen Pipes

If your home, place of work or school is affected by inclement weather and this weather impacts on your drinking water supply, you'll find some useful information in this section.

Frozen Pipes

Try to conserve as much water as possible to ensure some supply during water outages. DO NOT leave your taps running.

  • Tips to Avoid pipes freezing and what to do if they are already frozen - download our leaflet

    What do I do if my pipes burst or I have a leak ?

    Immediately switch off the water supply to the property at the stop tap, or the stop cock. If you cannot turn off the water, and you are a Council tenant, contact Waterford City & County Council on 0761 10 20 20 - otherwise seek advice from your plumber. When the water is off, drain your system by running your taps.

    If there is any danger of water coming into contact with electrical wiring or fittings, switch electric supply off. Contact plumber to check out system and arrange repairs. Switch off central heating system and run down any other solid fuel heating source. Only if the plumber can confirm that the leak is in the water system and not the heating system should the heating system be turned back on.

    If you live on a terrace or in an apartment notify neighbours if there is a danger of damage from leaking water to their property. Tenants should contact their landlord immediately when they discover a leak. If you live in a Waterford City & County Council property, please contact the Housing Section immediately on 0761 10 20 20. Never go into the water. It is impossible to know the depth of the water before you enter it.